Soccer Mommy’s ‘Clean’ debut

Soccer Mommy’s debut studio album, ‘Clean,’ dropped on March 2nd and the hype was well-founded. This is an album that is super relatable to the young millennial who spends a lot of time in their bedroom staring at the ceiling thinking about past shitty relationships and over-analyzing their current ones….in the best way.

Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy strikes a nice balance between very honest, vulnerable lyrics and catchy melodies throughout virtually the entire album. The first track, Still Clean, does a great job at setting the mood for the first half of the album with it’s stripped down, reverby vibe. Sophie describes a past, painful relationship with imagery of a wolf with bloody teeth hunting through the forest, revisiting a creek to get itself clean. It provides probably the most powerful visual representation of a relationship Sophie revisits many times in this album, thus it is the perfect title and intro track.

The second song on this album, Cool, brightens the mood a bit with a very 90s alternative pop feel, a sound that informs the character of the album as a whole. You can see hints of the 90s all throughout, most notably with the distorted guitar on Your Dog and vocal melody on Scorpio Rising.

There is notable tonal shift on this album that begins its transition on the fifth track, Blossom (Wasting All My Time). Up until Blossom, Sophie seems to be dwelling on this past relationship described on the first track. She then stands up and declares she’s not wasting more time and thus begins the second, slightly more upbeat, section of this album. Which interestingly starts with the track Last Girl where Sophie immediately tackles her insecurities in (possibly) a new relationship asking the question “why would you still want to be with me?” when she describes the last girl as ‘having everything.’ Sophie touches on the very real insecurities people carry with them into new relationships here which only adds to the authenticity of this record.

Last Girl is followed by the inherently catchy Skin and melodic Scorpio Rising. The album wraps up with an interlude and the closing track Wildflower which is notable with it’s callback to the first track. The prominent line from Still Clean, ”only what you wanted for a little while,” is mimicked with a keyboard riff with a slightly more positive-sounding arrangement. It’s a great little feature that ties the whole album together.

Overall, this is a fantastically relatable album for the young adult who is trying to navigate their way through the complicated world of relationships while at the same time trying to, how the young kids say, ‘find themselves.’ When you add to that the back story of Sophie Allison dropping out of college after one year to pursue this dream and making it an almost immediate reality, it’s an even more inspiring album.

Favorite tracks: Your Dog, Still Clean, and Blossom (Wasting All My Time)

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