Injury Reserve releases a new 7-track project


Injury reserve is a hip-hop trio that thrives on grimy, industrial sounds and hard-hitting, ferocious flow. Their new project, Drive It Like It’s Stolen, just dropped on September 29th, 2017. This 7-track collection follows two full-length albums from the group: Live From the Dentist Office in 2015 and Floss in 2016.

Though they’ve moved away from their dental-hygiene-themed titles, this new project follows a pattern we’ve seen before from them with head-banging, testosterone-fueled jams mixed in with slower-paced rhymes on some more down-tempo beats. On tracks like ‘See You Sweat,’ I can’t help but think back to the chorus of their hit ‘Oh Shit!!!’ off of Floss, where Ritchie raps, “man, this sound like some shit from ’06!”

‘Boom (x3)’ brings it especially hard as both Ritchie and Groggs throw jabs at hip-hop fans that aren’t yet on the Injury Reserve hype and who thrive on the ghost-writing hip-hop drama. It is clear from this track that the group is ultra confident with a now successful body of work behind them and a rapidly growing fan base.

 If you become a fan of Drive It Like It’s Stolen, I would recommend some of Injury Reserve’s older tracks:

Oh Shit!!!, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, and All This
You can listen to their new album on Spotify below!

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