Rationale, the original Tinashe of soul


Rationale, real name Tinashe Fazzakerley, is a British singer originally from Zimbabwe whose voice sounds like it belongs on a 70s power ballad rather than the soulful, inde-pop content he puts out. Yet, the combination is refreshingly crisp and Rationale has just released his long-awaited debut album under the name on October 6th, 2017 (he released an album titled Saved under the name Tinashe in 2010 before going on hiatus until about 2014).

I was surprised to hear that this debut self-titled album just recently dropped since it feels like he’s been making quality music for years. He has, in fact, put out 2 EPs in the past few years, Fuel to the Fire and Vessels. Some of his older hit songs such as ‘Fast Lane,’ and ‘Fuel to the Fire’ make their way on this new collection as well.

Rationale’s voice is truly unique and difficult to describe. It’s something you may have heard before, but in a completely different context, decades ago, perhaps. He compliments his powerful, classic-rock-feeling vocals with soulful guitar riffs, electronic influences and 80s-sounding synths. To my surprise, his 2016 single, ‘Something For Nothing,’ didn’t make it on this new project, though, giving it a listen would make for a great introduction to Rationale’s sound:

Other winning tracks from this project include ‘Into the Blue,’ ‘Loving Life,’ and ‘Prodigal Son,’ which appears on the EP Vessels. ‘Into the Blue’ showcases Rationale’s vocal range while flirting with some pseudo-dancehall sounds; a slight deviation from the rest of the electronic-influenced collection.

I’m a huge fan of his personal Spotify playlist, Rationale’s Friday Re-Up, as well. It’s updated every Friday, and, after the first listen through I had to double check that it was actually still his playlist and not one of mine; his musical preferences are spot on to my own. If you’re a fan of artists like SZA, Majid Jordan, or Mura Masa, I would definitely recommend subscribing to it:


You can listen to this new album on the Spotify playlist below. Fans of new-age R&B and electronic-influenced soul will not be disappointed!

Favorite Tracks: Fast Lane, Into the Blue, and Fuel to the Fire

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