Refs releases a new single


Refs, a.k.a. Zachary Lipkins, is an electro-pop artist who has sprung up over the past few years with a handful of soulful singles. The album art on all of his singles caught my eye with their bright colors and minimalist concepts.

His single ‘Pain Goes Away’ appeared on HBO’s hit show¬†Girls, and now has over a million plays on Spotify. The song features a vocal performance filled with distressed emotion alongside some contrasting bright, chimey riffs.

Refs most recent song, ‘Fool,’ came out over the weekend. At times the vocals on the track remind me of Kings of Leon, though Refs voice is much more melodic and compliments the chill-pop undertones very well.

So far, Refs has only released 4 singles on iTunes and Spotify, though you can go to his website below and download two unreleased songs! He is a talented artist and producer who is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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