Fuse Friday: Circa Survive

Fuse Friday focuses on an artist or band featured on the Fuse music network in the mid-2000s. Fuse began to emerge as an alternative to MTV in 2003 dedicating its programming to more underground music scenes.


Alas, the end of an era; it turns out that texting CIRCA1 to 71777 will no longer send a Circa Survive ringtone to your flip phone. But still to this day, the band’s first two studio albums, Juturna (2005) and On Letting Go (2007), remain two of my favorites of the decade. Here is the music video for their first hit ‘Act Appalled’ which would later be performed acoustic for Fuse.

In 2006, Circa Survive provided the cult classic Fuse program, Steven’s Untitled Rock Show (SURS) with a live, outdoor performance for the show’s first ever ‘studio’ audience. The audience being host, Steven Smith, and a handful of teenage girls sitting in the grass around a sofa on what are a pair of admittedly awkward clips to watch but hey, this is 2006 and people were still figuring out that whole video editing thing. If you want to see these clips that were uploaded to YouTube 11 years ago, you can find them on this forward-thinking man’s channel.

Circa Survive also did multiple television interviews for SURS over the few years it was around, pairing up with Coheed & Cambria on set in 2007. The Fuse program, Oven Fresh, also debuted Circa Survive’s then new music video on July 23, 2007 for the first single off of their second studio album On Letting Go, ‘The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose.’ Also on this episode of Oven Fresh was Hurricane Chris’ new song ‘A Bay Bay,’ which, looking back on it now, is a track that defined the era of crunk rap.

Circa Survive has gone on to quite a successful career releasing 3 more full-length albums along with Ten-Year Editions for both Juturna and On Letting Go as well as a recent stream of singles and music videos leading up to the release of their newest album The Amulet on September 22nd.

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