Tangina Stone’s new album is sure to Elevate her career to greater heights

Brooklyn-based soul singer Tangina Stone drops her first full length album, Elevate, on Friday and it’s sure to be a hit with critics. Aside from the features by Nelly Furtado and acclaimed saxophonist Kenneth Whalum, what will set this album apart and resonate most with a broader audience is the subject matter.


Stone gets deep on tracks such as ‘Black Boy’ and ‘Matter’ speaking on issues of racism in America and her own experience as a black, queer woman. She repeats very pointedly, “I don’t feel I matter,” on the hook of the latter. She also addresses issues of mental health and anxiety, opening up about her own experience in a beautifully raw and honest way on the song ‘Anxious.’ On April 5, Microsoft actually hosted an event in Manhattan to create a VR music video for the song, exposing users to situations where they would feel lost, confused or overwhelmed in a virtual reality space thus bringing awareness to the struggles some face with mental health.

Stone is not a newbie when it comes to tackling serious issues in her songs. Her first EP The Fall, released in 2014, featured the song ‘Cops,’ a fresh spin on surfer-rock that painted the picture of an abusive lover.

Elevate is an incredibly vulnerable, eye-opening and progressive album that I believe will be a major spring board for Tangina’s career and give her voice an even larger platform to talk about important issues.

Favorite Tracks: Anxious, Ride Off, Black Boy


Elevate has become available for pre-order on iTunes as of today (9/15/17). The official drop will be in a week, 9/22/17.

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