Artist Yum Yuck is more Yum than Yuck

It seems strange that more people don’t know about Yum Yuck and his synthy space reggae vibe. While leaving work today, I was walking to the bus stop thinking about what artist I could write about tonight. Yum Yuck popped into my mind having just heard his newly released ‘Waiting on Love’ a few weeks back and really enjoying it. It’s a funky, psychedelic head-bobber with interesting structural peaks and valleys.

So I put on my headphones and found his first EP, Make Yourself At Home, on Spotify. It turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for my walk down the sunny streets of Colorado Springs. The EP has a relaxed, feel-good vibe to it that immediately elevated my mood. The opening track, ‘All Night,’ has a surprising Beetles feel to it also.


Yum Yuck is a South African ghost pop artist with an affinity for rose emojis. Scrolling through his Facebook wall, it appears that numerous outlets are starting to pick up on his sound and his career seems primed to undergo a major phase shift. Q&As with the man himself and appearances of ‘Waiting on Love’ on multiple curated playlists may be the spark that will start that fire. Surprisingly, for how talented he is, his songs don’t have very many listens on Spotify or SoundCloud. His song with the most plays is ‘Icicles,’ from his first EP, with just over 70,000 on SoundCloud (but has only about 7,000 on Spotify).

This Friday, he’s set to release the second single from his anticipated sophomore EP, Figurals, called ‘Synth Explorations.’ Yum Yuck is an interesting character and his interviews that you can find through his Facebook page paint the picture of a passionate, fun-loving musician who’s looking forward to the day his career finally blows up.

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