Meet Yeek, the Genre Bender

Yeek is an up-and-coming L.A.-based artist originally from Florida, with music that takes inspiration from a range of genres; indie, punk, hip-hop and r&b. His music provides a look into the personal life of the 26-year-old who sings about being a hopeless romantic and partying on Emo night at the Echoplex.


What first put me on to Yeek was his single ‘I’m Not Ready,’ a head-nodder with melancholy undertones. The track comes from his first album, Love Slacker, which offers tracks with beats that are reminiscent of early West Coast hip-hop.

His latest project, Sebastian, has so many great little guitar melodies over a largely electronic production. He┬áthrows down some serious West Coast vibes on the track ‘Only in the West,’ ending the bluesy number with a mellow guitar riff. What amazes me the most is the progression of his music from 2015 to now and the skill with which he blends multiple sounds and genres into cohesive, catchy tracks.

It’s clear that even though many of Yeek’s songs speak of heartbreak, he is having a great time making music, skateboarding, and drinking Bud Light and Hennessy with his crew as evidenced by the music video for ‘I’m Not Ready.’

Favorite tracks: Only in the West, The Left, Away

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