Gus certainly puts the ‘dapper’ in Dapperton

Sometimes discovering artists on Youtube is doubly rewarding when you stumble upon a fashion icon in the making who also happens to make catchy, soulful music. The aesthetic quality of Gus Dapperton’s music videos along with his soulful voice and genuinely interesting lyricism are truly artful in their execution.


On August 3rd, 2017, the NYC-based 20-year-old released his first EP titled Yellow and Such. The EP includes his most popular single to date, ‘I’m Just Snacking,’ along with 3 other tracks that are consistent with his self-described “80s-influenced, dreamy” sound. When I first heard him I couldn’t help but make the mental comparison of his vocals to those of Billy Corrigan’s of The Smashing Pumpkins. The biting wails on ‘Gum, Toe and Sole’ by Gus are reminiscent of the Pumpkins’ 90s hits ‘1979’ and ‘Tonight, Tonight.’

Gus is poised to blow up as he’s been gathering a ton of attention lately by major music news outlets. He’s such an interesting character with promising potential; he produces all of his own tracks and seems to be invested in music videos saying in an interview with Vogue after the release of his new EP, “I have been trying to do as many videos as possible for every song. I think seeing the artist is important, and you can hear their music with their vision and [look] in mind, too.”

Also in that interview, he talks about what launched him into producing his tracks as a solo artist, speaking on a time when he was going through a breakup, tore his ACL and was out of school, and had his computer crash on him. Being a high schooler at this time, one can only imagine how Gus might have felt after a radical change where some things that may have defined him as a person disappeared before his eyes. The product of his inclination to pour himself into music is astounding and we can only wait and see what is on the horizon for this promising artist.

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