Corbin will not Mourn over Spooky Black

The first full solo album put out by Corbin, the artist formerly known as Spooky Black, arrived this past week and it is one that’s definitely worth more than a few listens. Over the summer Corbin released the feature track from this new album, ‘ICE BOY,’ as a single, and showcased a slightly different sound that permeates this whole project.


At times on this album he reminds me of a classic crooner from the 40s before he smoothly switches gears to a trademark sound he is developing that I like to call ‘smooth grunge.’ It’s awesome to see the progression in song structure since Spooky Black’s Leaving EP which many felt was underdeveloped and did not fulfill the artist’s promising potential. Each track on this album feels refreshingly whole for a project involving Corbin who has been notorious in the past for leaving verses floating in the ether and leaving fans wanting more.

Production on this album is synth heavy, catchy and more dynamic overall than past records that Corbin has appeared on. The signature ethereal quality of the melodies and slight listlessness of Corbin’s vocals will surely be recognized by Spooky Black fans, though they will also be greeted with more evolved lyricism, subject matter, and an attitude that bites. It feels like the official name change from Spooky Black to Corbin has been a way for him to separate himself from the image of the kid in the white turtleneck lounging on a sofa in the ‘Without You’ video and really beginning to mature as an artist and as a person.

On my first listen, there wasn’t much that seemed to stand out to me. But after a second and third run-through I realized that every track on this project is far more thoughtful and intentional in its production than I had initially thought. This is one of those albums that I’m sure will continue to grow on me. Mourn came out at a great time to help grow Corbin’s audience for his coast-to-coast September tour.

Favorite Tracks: ICE BOY, No Title, Dragged


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