CunninLynguists to release their first full-length album in 3 years

It seems that the veteran hip-hop group based out of Kentucky has been toying with their fans over the past few months releasing two EPs and just as quickly taking them down from their Bandcamp website. Luckily both these projects, Rose and Azura, currently live on Youtube.

Released on March 31, 2017, Rose was a short, 3-track EP that kicked off what appears to be a series of three EPs all featuring the same female character on the album art (illustrated by GDBee). It was briefly available for download on the group’s Bandcamp site but was taken down before the release of the second EP of the series Azura.

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As a long time CunninLynguists fan since the days of ‘half-man, half-amazin” and Dirty Acres in 2007, the Azura EP really got me paying attention to this new project. Also a 3-track EP, Azura encapsulates the classic dynamic and spirit that made the group such a unique force in hip-hop. The second EP of the series was released July 28, 2017 and, just like Rose was available on the group’s Bandcamp for a limited time before being taken down shortly after. It features Southern California rapper Trizz on the track ‘Gone,’ who helps make it one of the best on this project as a whole thus far. Azura also ends with a beautiful piece of production by Kno in ‘Any Way The Wind Blows’.

No longer available on the CunninLynguists Bandcamp, we will have to wait to see if these EPs resurface for download along with an anticipated third EP of the series. The group is set to tour Europe during the whole month of October so perhaps we will see the release of Njano shortly after they return, some time in November.


It turns out that what was shaping up to be a triple-EP project will actually be a full length album titled Rose Azura Njano, the name of the female character who will appear on the new cover. The album will feature 12 tracks, 6 of which were previously released on the Rose and Azura EPs. The release date is set for October 6th.


Project website:

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